*FULLY BOOKED* Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare Course

Natalie Oman

courseThis foundation course offers an overview of the relationship between health, the health sector and the climate and ecological crises. How is the health system both vulnerable to and contributing to climate change and ecological degradation? What would a sustainable health system look like? What might the wider benefits be and how can we achieve this? The course also highlights the leadership role healthcare staff can play in providing healthcare for all within planetary boundaries.  

Course description

Our foundation courses offer an overview of the field for health and social care staff at any level who are new to sustainable healthcare. This training course will help you to understand why sustainability matters and use NHS case studies to develop the tools to implement sustainability projects in your area.

Sustainable healthcare delivers high quality care without damaging the environment, is affordable now and in the future and delivers positive social impact. This course outlines a vision of a sustainable health system based on planetary health principles with a broader focus on health creation at a population level. Health systems consume enormous quantities of materials, energy, chemicals, and water, and they produce vast amounts of waste, much of it toxic. A more efficient and sustainable health system would not use resources in a way that adversely affects the health of the population or prevent tomorrow's health professionals from providing care. Sustainable healthcare can also make a significant contribution to the carbon reductions required by the Paris Agreement, the NHS net zero commitments and the wider UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Course objectives: 

  1. Describe the risks the global environmental crisis presents to human health and healthcare systems.
  2. Describe the contribution of the health sector to the global environmental crisis. 
  3. Understand the basic principles of carbon literacy.
  4. Understand how sustainability can help to address existing challenges in the healthcare system.
  5. Apply the principles of sustainability to healthcare services.
  6. Plan a project to improve the sustainability of healthcare in your workplace.

Workshop: 21 November (Tues) 13.00-17.00 GMT

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