A network for occupational therapy practitioners, students and educators interested in exploring sustainable practice and looking for resources. 

The Aquaponics Garden at the Basin View Masonic Village: promoting social cohesion in a sustainable way

This is an interactive poster about a transdisciplinary and sustainability project in which I am involved - the Aquaponics Garden at the Basin View Masonic Village. This project addresses a global 'wicked' problem, lack of social cohesion/disconnectedness, from a loc

Alison Wicks & AR Studio
June, 2013

NHS Change Day 2014

NHS Change Day is coming soon on the 3rd March. There are many opportunities to make a pledge for sustainability or get your team to sign up to something sustainable. Have a look at the website gto get some ideas...

Patient empowerment

One principle of sustainable health care is patient empowerment. Empowering patients to manage their own mental health is a key factor in reducing burden on services and therefore reduced use of precious resources, but how do we acheive this?

The Natural Approach to Meaningful Occupation

The Natural Approach to Meaningful Occupation (NAMO) is a model I have designed to aid occupational therapy interventions, considering features of outdoor natural environments. NAMO allows occupational therapists to work in collaboration with individuals, taking a sustainable and therapeutic approach.

The NHS Forest and Outer Space: Improving Wellbeing through Environmental Sustainability

Slides from our presentation at the COT Annual Conference 2013 exploring how occupational therapists can get involved in the NHS Forest project and the benefits to health and wellbeing of engaging service users in green spaces.

Ben Whittaker, David Johnston, Mary Colvin and Sarah Dandy
May, 2013


Personality disorder: using a recovery approach

This poster from the COT Annual Conference 2014 explores two Recovery Support Centres in Sussex, Bluebell House in Burgess Hill and the Lighthouse in Hove.  It briefly mentions 'triple bottom line' benefits of their recovery approach.  

Ben Whittaker, Jennie Hallett, Adele Huxley and Renee Harvey
May, 2014

The psychological effects of global warming

This very interesting report talks about the psychological impacts of climate change which are very worrying indeed.

It then calls for professionals in mental health to focus on this issue to bring insight and commitment to the general public before it is too late.

January, 2012


The Impact of Paper Procurement in the NHS.

The NHS has committed to reduce its carbon footprint but, aside from ensuring that legislative targets are reached, the benefits of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions are well documented. Yet the NHS faces increasing financial and service pressures; meaning that ‘green’ working is not always at the forefront of consideration. Many NHS organisations in England procure paper through the NHS Supply Chain Core Stationary list, which only contains paper produced from virgin (non-recycled) sources. As such, out of the 3.6 million reams of paper procured through NHS Supply Chain, only 29,000 were produced from recycled sources.

Naturally Healthy?

On 2nd March CSH and the Ecosystems Knowledge Network delivered a Valuing Nature Programme event to ensure that tools and methods are available to

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