The link between diet and...

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The link between diet and climate change seems to finally be getting some press: - an insightful summary of the Chatham House Report: Changing Climate, Changing Diets, Pathways to Lower Meat Consumption:,3TNYR,KXCISE,DS1BZ, Highlights include: The livestock sector produces about 15% of global greenhouse gases, roughly equivalent to all the exhaust emissions of every car, train, ship and aircraft on the planet. As incomes rise in the emerging economies, meat consumption is booming. Commitments to reducing emissions from the livestock sector appear in only 21 of the 120 national plans submitted in advance of the Paris climate conference. Governments fear a backlash from voters over interference in such a personal choice as diet. And because public awareness of the link between diet and climate change is so low, there is very little pressure on governments to do anything about it. The article suggests the first priority is for governments to raise public awareness, and the Chatham House report is optimistic that the public would come to accept government intervention on diet.


Really gald to have sight of

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Really gald to have sight of this Michael.  Thanks for posting it.  Raising awareness in order to gain the mandate to take action seems like a really good way forward for legislators.


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