Videos for sustainable healthcare teaching

Please add your recommendations (under the most relevant learning outcome) for short videos or animations to use in sustainable healthcare teaching:

PRIORITY LEARNING OUTCOME 1: Describe how the environment and human health interact at different levels

PRIORITY LEARNING OUTCOME 2: Demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to improve the environmental sustainability of health systems

PRIORITY LEARNING OUTCOME 3: Discuss how the duty of a doctor to protect and promote health is shaped by the dependence of human health on the local and global environment.



Duty of a doctor

Sarah Walpole's picture

How about this TED talk called "Let the environment guide our development"? - could stimulate discussion about role/rights/responsibility of human species, and of healthcare professionals


Also, great selection of talks from the Medact conference 2016, some of which touch on the question of how we as individuals and as a community of health professionals can come to terms with and address our current situation