Help Gather a Living List of Sustainability Research Priorities

Living List of Sustainability Research Priorities

Hello, my name is Dianne, I am an Occupational Therapy graduate, increasingly long in the tooth composter, and gardener (much better at former than latter). I recently approached the SHE net-work with the ambition of creating a living list of research priorities, with the aim of using it to build the evidence base for a sustainable health care system. They invited me to start a wiki on the SHE page, on which people can comment. So here it is. I have started with a list of proposed research priority areas, which once agreed on, can be used to categorise the list (see below). It would be lovely to make a pool of energies, to get inspirational and inspired.  For the next six months, I will be your devoted curator.

I look forwards to hearing from you


Proposed priority areas:

  • Identified areas/specialties/topics in need of research
    • Clinical specialties not yet represented in CSH clinical specialties programme
    • Qualitative - how to motivate and sustain collaboration for sustainable healthcare? patients and public experience of sustainable healthcare?
    • Quantitative - where can the most effective and efficient changes be made?
  • Gaps in the literature and areas where more research to build the evidence base is required:
    • quantification of environmental impacts where existing studies have identified new, more sustainable approaches
    • ?
  • Evidence about effective approaches to collaboration,
  • Education
    • Effective pedagogies for environmental sustainability and health education
  • Research methods
    • Making health research more environmental (refernece NICE guidelines for environmental sustainability in research)
    • Research methods for bringing together diverse disciplines, e.g. sustainability science, climate science, health, sociology...




Great list!

Linda East's picture

Many thanks for getting this ball rolloing, Diane.  My expertise is in qualitative research, so I like your second bullet point.  As we are the Education network, I would add 'students and staff' to 'patients and public'.  I am also interested in researching and evaluating 'effective pedagogies', and promoting inter-disciplinary education around planetary health.  


Qualitative Approaches

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Hello Linda,

Lovely to make your acquainatnace, thanks for sharing, it would be smashing to hear more about your interests, effective pedagogies, and the notion of planetary health :) What inspires you?