Sustainability Diary January

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Hi Sustainability Friends!!!

My predecessor (Dr Claire Morgan) had handed over an enormous project around the Eyefficiency tool. It is a quality improvement tool for cataract surgery; to implement changes to improve its productivity and sustainability. I was tasked with rolling out the tool in Wales!! A big task!

It wasn’t easy. Where to start? How to do this? How to implement my plans? All these questions were running through my mind constantly! The enthusiasm had got the better of me and with lots of ideas in my mind I needed a sense of direction and action! I needed help!

Fortunately, I had mentors like Mr Daniel Morris and Ingeborg Steinbach from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) team, , to guide me through. Their advice was to first understand and learn more about sustainable healthcare and sustainability projects. I managed to attend an excellent 2 days course ran by CSH in Oxford. There were people from all over the country, from different parts of healthcare; all equally enthusiastic about sustainability. The course was informative, encouraged networking and development of not only my sustainability project but also to listen to all the fascinating ideas others had conjured up. This course was indispensable.

My foundation had been developed following this course, understanding the triple bottom line and more ways to plan and implement my project! The future is bright, and I can’t wait to get started.


Welsh sustainability scholar


Sustainability conference

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Hello Alexander

Love your enthusiasm!  Hope all goes well for your project reducing carbon footprint of cataract surgery and eyecare. 

The call for abstracts is still out for the SHARE conference (Sustainable Healthcare Academic Research and Enterprise) which is in Brighton 1 May 2020.  Perhaps you would be interested in submitting an abstract for an oral presentation or poster for your project? 

The conference registration is also open.  It is a great event for networking and meeting other people working on improvements for more sustainable healthcare practices.

The videos of oral presentations, posters and abstracts from previous conferences are freely available which may be of use for you as well.


Heather Baid (from University of Brighton School of Health Sciences Sustainability Special Interest Group)


SHARE 2020

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Thanks Heather for the invite to this important and intresting conference! I have certainly submitted and been accepted to present at the conference! I can't wait to meet more people and share my project with everyone!


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