New CSH course - Sustainable Respiratory Care

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In view of the significant contribution Inhalers make to the NHS carbon footprint, CSH have developed a new course focused on Sustainable Respiratory Care.  I wonder if you would be interested in attending or could share with any of your contacts to whom it may be relevant.

There are still places available for the first workshop on the 6th of April. The course is open to block bookings by healthcare organisations or groups. For information on block bookings contact

New Sustainable Respiratory Care Course

This new three-part course outlines the links between human health and the climate and ecological emergencies, and how the health system is vulnerable to, but also contributing to these linked crises. It examines the environmental impact of respiratory care logocare for asthma and COPD (with a particular focus on inhalers) and explores how improving quality of care, identifying and reducing exposure to triggers and switching to low-carbon treatment options can reduce this.

  • Part I: Self-study opens March 16th
  • Part II: 4-hour online workshop  April 6th
  • Part III: Sustainable Healthcare Cafes for ongoing support

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New CSH course - Sustainable Respiratory Care

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Information on this course shared with our respiratory community nurses and Pharmacists in NHS Ayrshire & Arran.




brilliant - thank you. Hope

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brilliant - thank you. Hope to see some fo them there. The course is completely new so completely up to date. Experts in the field -  Dr.s Alex Wilkinson and Aarti Bansal have helped with development 


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