Use of chemicals for greenspace maintenance

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I am interested to know if any healthcare providers have limited the use of chemicals used to maintain their estate?  I am based within University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust and would like to at least align with the Bristol One City Ecological Emergency Strategy which aims to reduce the use of pesticides in Bristol by at least half.

Are there any products that you have banned from your site or any alternative methods of maintenance that your inhouse or contractors use?

Thank you for your help, 

Alexandra Heelis

Sustainability Officer


Hi Alexandra, I belive the

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Hi Alexandra, I belive the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People in Edinburgh did ban the use of glyphosate based herbicdes but I am not sure what the status is at the moment.

North Lanarkshire Council banned all use of these across there estate with mixed results and are reviewing it at the moement. You can read their paper here . It has some useful reccomendations form what were I think quite painful lessons.


Thank you Ian, I will have a

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Thank you Ian, I will have a read.


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