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 It is estimated that 70% of all health care decisions affecting diagnosis or treatment involve a pathology investigation. Decisions on an individual's diagnosis, treatment and subsequent therapeutic monitoring are often dependent on a range of pathology-based results. Yet Pathology is not often considered when considering the carbon footprint of healthcare.

Laboratories produce 10 times more carbon than office space, use four times more water and 12 billion pounds of plastic!  It is therefor with great enthusiasm that I can invite you to join Clinical Labs Susnet - the newest sustainability network hosted by CSH.

We may be a little late coming to the party but hopefully we can now get the conversations going, collaborate with all aspects of healthcare and help you to make a difference.

We value interprofessional discussion, sharing of knowledge and would we love to hear about your case studies which involve pathology on the network.




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Hi Sheri, thanks for sharing! Really interesting data, do you have references for those stats? I'm interested in learning more about the carbon footprint of labs.

Many thanks,



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