This is an informal, online community for nurses, students, nurse educators and retired nurses who take the threats from climate change seriously and wish to work together to establish what this means for nursing practice.

We know that the bulk of carbon emissions from healthcare are related to treatment and care.  Nurses, who guide and support patients through the their experience of the NHS, are uniquely placed to think through the changes we need to make.  In her support Janet Davies, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing said:

'This is an initiative which addresses an issue which is important and critical for all of us. I’m delighted that we now have a way for nurses who are taking the risks to health from climate change seriously to cooperate and share best practice.  The Royal College of Nursing is committed to supporting nurses, students, and nurse educators to develop sustainable approaches to clinical practice and to provide excellent prevention and care to patients suffering as a result of heat waves and floods.

I hope this initiative is just the start of a journey of discovery for our nursing workforce, one that tangibly demonstrates the power that each and every nurse has to make our health and care system truly sustainable.

Those with no experience and expertise and those with plenty are all welcome.


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