Sustainable mental health services will provide better outcomes for patients through prevention, empowerment, improving value and cutting carbon. We bring together people from across mental health and social care to share ideas and resources for sustainability.

RCPsych Sustainability Scholarship 2015-2016

In June this year, the RCPsych Sustainability Scholarship Programme 2015 -2016 was advertised. Higher trainees in Psychiatry were offered the chance to apply and be supported by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) in conjunction with the RCPsych Sustainability Lead. Each Scholar would be paired with a forward-thinking clinical commissioning group (CCG), which had committed to the implementation of the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health sustainable commissioning guide.

Opportunity to work with MedAct

Medact has recently secured funding for a Clean Energy and Health Project and are looking for a Project Manager . Medact is also looking for twelve relevant experts with a scientific, health or energy background to form an advisory committee to assist and advise the work in the field. More details can be found below and on their website at

The basis for sustainable development in mental health care

Having come to the end of my two year RCPsych research fellowship in sustainability, it is time to do some reflecting…

I have found that sustainability is one of those words that people tend to slap onto the front of a new idea, service, or project to make it sound credible or perhaps ‘a la mode’. But sustainability is more than just a badge, it requires a broad understanding about the resources we use and impacts that we are having. But, does it have a place when thinking about mental health care?

Conference in Bhuttan on gross national happiness

There is an international conference in Bhuttan on gross national happiness in November this year. Further details may be found via the following website:

As an editor of BJPsych International we are looking for a person who can attend this conference and then write an editorial for the journal, (unfortunately no expenses are provided)


If you are interested please let me know on:


Lancet Commission Podcast about the health effects of our unsustainable ways of living

Far-reaching changes to the structure and function of the Earth's natural systems represent a growing threat to human health. By unsustainably exploiting nature's resources, human civilisation has flourished but now risks substantial health effects from the degradation of nature's life support systems in the future. 


Listen to this podcast by Professor Andy Haines at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine about his recent Lancet paper on this topic.

Opportunity for psychiatry trainees: RCPsych Sustainability Scholarship Programme 2015-16

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is offering three part-time, one-year scholarships over the next year. The Scholars will be supervised and supported by CSH in conjunction with the RCPsych Sustainability Lead. Each Scholar will be paired with a forward-thinking clinical commissioning group. Closing date: 22 July



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