A network of students and educators interested in preparing health professionals to build and work in a sustainable health service. 

NurSus Toolkit: a teaching and learning resource for sustainability in nursing

This EU funded project seeks to reduce the carbon impacts of healthcare and to equip nurses in coping with the challenges of a changing climate by developing education resources.  The resources will be available for use in nursing curricula across Europe.  Education materials to support sustainabilty learning in European nursing are currently limited and nurse educators are often inadequately prepared to teach students about the connections between resources, climate change, sustainability and health.  Health academics from Plymouth, Holland, Spain and Germany began work in September and will continue until August 2017.  Over the three years there will be opportunities for nursing and healthcare practitioners and students to comment on content. 

Sustainable healthcare education published in the Lancet

The Lancet has this week published a letter about the curriculum for sustainable healthcare, based on work by CSH and the Sustainable Healthcare Education network over the last four years.  In a project co-led by CSH’s medical director, Frances Mortimer, learning outcomes were developed in response to a request from the GMC and refined through a two-stage national consultation, involving medical educators, clinicians, trainees and students in 2013.  The hope is that this will lead to increased consideration of the environmental determinants of health in undergraduate and postgraduate medical curricula.

Welcoming our Newest Intern, Brazilian medic Dr Karina Patricio

We are pleased to introduce our newest intern Dr Karina Patricio who is with us for six weeks from Brazil. Here she sets out why she has travelled here and what she is hoping to achieve....

I’m a Physician and Professor at a University in Brazil (Faculty of Medicine of Botucatu - FMB / UNESP - http://www.fmb.unesp.br), located within the State of São Paulo (240 km distant from the capital). My specilisation is in Public Health. I did a master degrees in Biological Science and post doc in Environmental Health.

Royal Colleges Demonstrate What Can Be Done on Sustainability

October saw the launch of Facing the future: sustainability for Royal Colleges, and the first seminar for Royal Colleges to come together to share their progress on sustainability. The seminar, jointly led by the CSH and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and kindly hosted by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, was packed full of an impressive array of initiatives being taken forward by some Colleges. 

Resource stewardship and the ethical duty to prevent waste

It was good to switch on Radio 4 last Thursday to hear a discussion on whether doctors have an “ethical duty” to prevent waste. The debate was prompted by the launch of a new report commissioned by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and co-authored by my colleague, Dr Daniel Maughan, RCPsych Sustainability Fellow 2013-15.

At first glance, you might think there is nothing new in suggesting that health professionals have a responsibility to reduce waste. But the truth is that the prevalent medical culture does not emphasise the role of clinicians in maximising value from resources.

Nursing Sustainability by Design: On joining the sustainability team - the experience of a sceptic

We all know what it’s like, you feel you are bombarded with emails either requests to attend meetings, answer questions, reiterate information etc. and then there are the ones suggesting you may wish to attend events for your personal development or to improve your research involvement. What do we do…well mostly we delete however just occasionally one pops into that box that looks a little more interesting so you say to the team who is free who can go to this on our behalf and immediately wish you had kept quiet because it turns out you are the one with the gap in your diary.

Would you like to attend a carbon workshop and/or become a sustainability champion? Read on...

Those within the Oxford AHSN area (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes) have access to sustainability workshops and also the opportunity to develop expertise in sustainable healthcare by becoming a trained sustainability champion. If you would like to take part in a Measuring Carbon Workshop, join us at the George Pickering Education Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, on either Wednesday 24th September or Wednesday 8th October.

Plant 2 trees @ 2 o'clock for NHS Sustainability Day

NHS Sustainability Day of Action takes place on 27th March, with lots of activities taking place around the country. The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is encouraging partners to plant 2 trees at 2 o'clock to show its support for the NHS Forest. The trees are free, thanks to the kind sponsorship of The Great Outdoor Gym Company, but need ordering by Monday, 10th March. If you want to do something different, then find out what other trusts are pledging to do.

Sustainable Healthcare Made Simple , QIF for Sustainability Health Education East of England.

This fifty-slide set makes the connection between climate, health, social responsibility and the NHS.  it covers policy, carbon levels and provides information on the steps that need to be taken and the tools that may be used.

Maria Cooke, Sustainability fellow at the East of England Local Education and Training Board
January, 2014

BMA Students' Conference Passes Climate Change Resolution

Anna Watkinson-Powell has written a great blog on the Climate and Health Council Website describing the run up to the student's passing a climate change resolution. No 1 is for the inclusion of climate change and sustainability to be included in all medical curricula.


Educating for Sustainable Healthcare - Priority Learning Outcomes

The priority learning outcomes for environmental sustainability in medical education were developed in response to a request from the General Medical Council and refined through a two-stage national consultation, involving medical educators, clinicians and students, and are now referenced from th

SHE Network
June, 2013

Students & young healthcare professionals: the healthcare of the future needs you!

CleanMed Europe conference: Pathways to Sustainable Healthcare

The CSH, working with student groups Medsin and Healthy Planet, would like to invite a select number of students and trainee doctors to take an active part in the sustainable healthcare conference (CleanMed Europe) being organised for later on this year.  As well as being the future and having an interest in what happens to both healthcare and our health as humans, you are also faster at learning and more open to new ideas than many who are already embedded in the healthcare system. Find out how to apply...

Preparing Medical Students to lead a Sustainable Healthcare System

Education about the links between climate change, sustainability, health and healthcare in medical training is rare. This project of collaborative curriculum development enlisted medical students, academics and practitioners to explore and articulate priority learning outcomes and develop educational materials for sustainability in healthcare to use in medical schools across the UK and abroad. 


Making Sense of Social Prescription

The University of Westminster has published an excellent explanatory document on social prescription. It's a fantastic end to end resource with explanations of terminology, structures, different types of social prescription, and referral examples.

August, 2017

Internationally relevant learning objectives in SHE: Building an environmentally accountable medical curriculum through international collaboration

Background: Global environmental change is associated with significant health threats. The medical profession can address this challenge through advocacy, health system adaptation and workforce preparedness.

July, 2017


Vision for the Sustainable Healthcare Education network (draft)

Please do make changes to the text, if you have edits to make, as well as posting comments underneath.

This is a draft mission statement of the Sustainable Healthcare Education network (SHE), developed by the core SHE team. It incorporates five year goals, but is for review and further discussion and development by network participants.

Sustainable Healthcare Education Network - Mission Statement

International group working on Sustainable Healthcare Education - Next meeting outline

Upcoming October meeting for the SHE international working group - date and time to be confirmed - if you would like to attend please complete this doodle poll and you will be notified of the outcome in due course.



Past Meeting

GMC consultation on the Medical Licensing Assessment - ends 30th April 2017

The GMC is consulting on the Medical Licensing Assessment which will apply to UK medical students, EEA and International graduates and aims “to create a single, objective demonstration that those applying for registration with a licence to practise medicine in the UK can meet a common threshold for safe practice.” (GMC-MLA consultation

Sharing advice about E-learning about environmental sustainability

There are many existing e-learning resources about environmental sustainability. It could be useful both for learners and for those planning courses if we can develop this list / 'catalogue' of e-resources.

If you have experience of using any of the below, or time to explore them, please add your comments - you can do so by logging in to the Sustainable Healthcare Education network, going to the 'wiki' tab, selecting this wiki, and then clicking on 'edit'.

International group working on Sustainable Healthcare Education

Following a workshop at AMEE 2016, medical educators and students from around the world have been working together to develop approaches to developing and delivering Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE).

The group includes representatives from Denmark, Brazil, South Africa, Canada and USA. So far, we have:

- worked to further explore the relevance of the SHE core learning objectives (developed in UK consultation by the SHE network) internationally, drawing on outcomes from the workshop, which included international participants

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