Welcome to this network, for everyone interested in improving the environmental sustainability of operating theatres. The network is open equally to all professions including ODPs, theatre nurses, anaesthetists, surgeons and non-clinicians.

Please join in to share your experiences, examples of projects, share resources, signpost events, and ask questions of the group.

Take a look at the Green Surgery Challenge and sustainable anaesthetics work too, and we regularly post information here on related courses and events.


Call for Abstracts: North South Ireland Public Health Conference – Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Abstracts are welcomed for the Healthy Planet, Healthy People conference on 30th November 2022,  hosted by The Institute of Public Health, Public Health Agency, Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast, and University College Cork. The conference  theme is the relationship between climate change and health in Ireland.

Life cycle assessment and life cycle cost of repairing surgical scissors

The study used life cycle assessment (LCA) to estimate the environmental impacts and financial cost of repairing surgical scissors.

Rizan, C., Brophy, T., Lillywhite, R. et al. Life cycle assessment and life cycle cost of repairing surgical scissors. Int J Life Cycle Assess 27, 780–795 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11367-022-02064-7
June, 2022

Greener NHS

If you are a newcomer to sustainable healthcare, the NHS England website has a user-friendly guide to the principles behind the NHS Net Zero target.

June, 2022


A new role for anaesthetists in environmentally sustainable healthcare?

Our article published today! "The contribution of anaesthesia to the environmental impact of healthcare is significant and visible, but amenable to change. We believe that this places anaesthetists in an ideal position to lead educational initiatives on environmental sustainability."

C. L. Shelton, S. C. McBain, F. Mortimer, S. M. White. Anaesthesia.
March, 2019

The impact of surgery on global climate: a carbon footprinting study of operating theatres in three health systems.

This (open access) paper compares the carbon footprint of 3 operating theatres (UK, US and Canada). It is really interesting to see how different institutional practices influence the carbon footprint, once again highlighting the significant reductions achieved by reducing desflurane usage.

Lancet Planet Health
December, 2017

Anaesthetic gas - monitoring practice and motivating change

I am an anaesthetist and recently visited the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare while on sabbatical. Thank you to Rachel and Frances for meeting with me. I have attached a copy of a behaviour change project i am undertaking in my anaesthetic department.

Matthew Jenks and OraTaiao (New Zealand Climate and Health Council)
June, 2018

Sustainability in Quality Improvement learning resources

Sustainability has been recognised as a domain of quality in healthcare, and building it into quality improvement (QI) is a practical way to drive incremental change towards a more ethical, sustainable health system.

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
March, 2017




I wanted to say Hello! I'm Hayley Pinto - I have just joined CSH as the new Education and Training lead.

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