We are an online community of healthcare professionals who are passionate about reducing the environmental impact of paediatric care. Our network is a place to share examples of how we are currently tackling this problem and to generate ideas on how to further improve the environmental and social sustainability of the care we deliver. We are working in collaboration with the Climate Change Working Group of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. 

Glove Awareness Week resources: 2 May to 6 May 2022

Glove Awareness Week runs from the 2nd to 6th May this year and focuses on encouraging nursing staff - and medical and health care professionals - to make one change to reduce their unnecessary glove use and help make health care more sustainable. RCN resources available.

£7.45m funding available for two new research units

The Health Foundation’s REAL Centre has launched an ambitious new programme that will provide independent research that builds on the work of the REAL Centre, to help improve long-term decision making in health and social care. There may be good opportunities to propose research through the lens of sustainability. 


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