Updated UK Government (BEIS) greenhouse gas conversion factors database 2022

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The UK Government (BEIS) have updated their greenhouse gas conversion factors database for 2022.

This is a great database to use if you need carbon conversion factors for energy (electricity and gas), water, travel (passenger/business travel and freighting goods), homeworking and much more.

You can download the data base here (we recommend downloading the full set version, if you’d like to include WTT and other scope 3 emissions): Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2022 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Major changes to the database for 2022:

  • UK electricity emissions have decreased due to significant decrease in coal generation and an increase in renewable and nuclear generation since the previous year.  In 2021 the emission factor was 0.29130 kgCO2e/kWh (including T&D and WTT emissions), the updated 2022 factor is 0.26155 kgCO2e/kWh) (including T&D and WTT emissions).
  • Freight goods transport emissions have increased per tonne/km. This factor reflects the decrease in distance travelled and amount of goods transported per ‘average laden’ vehicle due to covid restriction imposed.
  • A tab for ‘home working’ emissions factors have now been included. This looks at office equipment and heating per FTE working hours for which the staff member is/was working from home.



WTT: Well-To-Tank emissions (scope 3 emissions)

T&D: Transmission and Distribution emissions (scope 3 emissions)

FTE: Full Time Equivalent

BEIS: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


UK Government (BEIS)

Publication date: 

June, 2022

Resource type: 

  • information resource
  • measurement tool / template

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