2012: Don't Waste the Year - save up to £90 million!

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This year the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is focusing on helping clinical specialties and organisations to cut their waste to save money and carbon. While we are involved with many longer term projects which will change systems and transform clinical practice, the fact is that there is still a shocking amount of waste within the system as it is now.  We ought to be tackling this waste immediately as it is money down the drain and carbon into the air - and we can't afford either.  

The SDU published some really useful Marginal Abatement Cost curves (MAC curves) in their Update to the NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy 2 years ago which show that tackling clinical waste is the most cost effective intervention for sustainability within the NHS and is also massive in absolute terms.  This shows, based on data, that by reducing drug wastage NHS organisations in England alone can save 22,430 tonnes of carbon and almost £90 MILLION every year.  How many nurses salaries is that?

We will work with Trusts and specialties this year to ensure that every organisation is supported to measure and cut their waste. We will be offering resources for service-line carbon footprinting as well as staff engagement and of course plenty of real case studies to inspire you. AND we will be sending round details of an Award for the best zero waste project.

Wherever you work in healthcare contact me to discuss how we can help you: rachel.stancliffe@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk

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