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“CARE LAND” (la Tierra que te cuida), was created with the aim of enhancing the opportunities that health-nature relationship opens to the development of areas of high environmental value (Nature Tourism, Health Tourism, Senior Tourism, Agriculture Quality, Environmental Education etc..) Likewise, the newly created Working Group "Care Land" will promote the use of agriculture and livestock as a social and educational way. "Care Land" is formed by Geda (Group Desportos Ecology and Adventure) Ambienta 45, True Food Alliance, Global Nature Fund, Terrius, Quinta Do Barrierio and AccióNatura. All those companies and organizations are involved in the conservation of nature and they are skilled in developing product or environmental richness based on the territories of origin services. This innovative project, the first in Southern Europe, started out last weekend in the Portuguese town of Ouguela (Campomaior) and arises in parallel similar initiatives from countries like Finland, England, Japan or Canada leading countries in time and enhancing the contact with nature in their strategies for health, education and economic development. The Iberian Peninsula is one of the largest reserves of biodiversity in Europe. It is a privileged position that makes landmark destination for new types of tourism and responsible consumption. "Care Land" intends to look at nature as a source of health and wellness. "Care Land" intends to look to nature as a source of health and wellness.

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