Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare goes international!

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Our first Introduction course was by attended remotely by health professionals from across the UK, Australia and Canada. After a four-hour self-study module, we met in a four-hour workshop to discuss core concepts and local examples, and to share experiences about how to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Thanks to CSH director Rachel Stancliffe, medical director Frances Mortimer, education director Stefi Barna and the many thoughtful participants. Thanks to everyone who joined the first Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare last week, and for your excellent feedback:

On the self-study package:

This is a great broad-ranging overview of what is sustainability in healthcare, what’s being done in the full end-to-end view, and a variety of examples of sustainable practice

Clear; *very* good embedded videos; understanding the global science and global initiatives, models and data that support the need for sustainable health practices, links to relevant videos and organisations.

Very useful background, introduced new terms and approaches very well. A good balance of text and videos. I appreciated the opportunity to go through all the materials at my own pace, grouped into small manageable segments, and revisit parts prior to the workshop.

On the online workshop:

Good size of group. There was time at both plenary and break out rooms for discussion and the networking/interaction with the tutors was very valuable.

Hearing from clinicians from different disciplines about their challenges and hopes, meeting other likeminded people and being inspired, learning a lot about the areas where change can be done across different specialties and the different viewpoints I hadn’t considered (what worked, what didn't, who to speak to), being signposted to loads of great resources, and camaraderie.

Upcoming Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare Courses

  • Wed 2 Sept 10am – 2pm - Please register here
  • Mon 5 Oct 3pm – 7pm - Registration link coming soon
  • Wed 11 Nov 10am - 2pm - Registration link coming soon

Contact us for additional dates for groups of 20 or more.

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