Making Sense of Social Prescription

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The University of Westminster has published an excellent explanatory document on social prescription. It's a fantastic end to end resource with explanations of terminology, structures, different types of social prescription, and referral examples. A must read for those that find themselves a little baffled by the proliferation of wordage about Social Prescription.

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August, 2017

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Making Sense of Social Prescription - a few questions.

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Thanks Ben.  Really useful to ahve a go-to glossary on this.  Social prescribing has the potential to revolutionise things and I hope it will very soon.  A couple of questions for everyone:

1. Any one referring to social prescription projects or trying to get a project off the ground?  Would be great to hear how it's going?

2. I've heard, but not been about to confirm, that social prescribing is part of the mainstream general practice system in New Zealand.  Anyone know more?

Sweet and sour

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Thank you for sharing this Ben. I am curious to read it. 

On a Thursday evening though I can't help the frustration of seeing so many potentially interesting and perhaps extremely valuable documents with dozens and dozens of pages in length. Wish we can move to a point where such documents are much shorter. Many professionals do not read them, me included at times, because of their length

I hear that!

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Agreed Miguel. My heart sank when I saw the length of the document, but actually it is set out in such a way as to be easily navigable, and it's very good for - as it says on the tin - making sense of specific aspects on the subject. I wouldn't go through it page by page but if you're in or close to the social prescribing arena I think it will turn out be very useful to have a bookmark on it!

Rebecca - No idea about NZ but Hackney and City and Ways to Wellness in Newcastle are both frequently cited and there are some good references in the Making Sense document too.

Learn more about social prescribing

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thanks for this post - I found it a very succinct and useful report -shorter than most fortunately!

Just wanted to flag our conference on 19th October "Building a Healthy Sustainable society" in London. Strong focus on social prescribing as one method of moving towards a more sustainable system. See more detail using link below


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Thanks for your post Caroline.  Good to know! 

For those promoting events there's also an events part of this site that's easy to use and will ensure that your event makes it into our newsletter.  Just posting this event on there now...

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