NHS Trusts Save Money by Donating Reusable Waste

Louis Pilard's picture

St Bart’s NHS Trust were the first Trust in the NHS to benefit from using Globechain, a new online “freecycle” platform. Within a 3-month period, Bart’s saved £5,000-6,000 in waste disposal costs and over 15 tons to landfill. Medical equipment and furniture was sent for reuse in two hospitals, a local authority office and a school as support during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Globechain is a reuse platform that connects corporates to charities and SMEs within a supply chain network providing waste and social impact audits to its members.

As part of the global movement towards recycling and reusing for a closed-loop economy, Globechain has gained huge momentum growing to 10,000 members since its beginnings. Globechain works within the retail, commercial and construction industry and last year diverted 1,000,000 kilos from landfill, providing savings of over £800,000 to charitable causes.

NHS Trusts are encouraged to consider diverting reusable items that would otherwise end up in landfill while saving resources from waste disposal costs.

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