Research Project on Reducing Demand for Energy and Travel in Hospitals

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Hello all!

My name is Stanley Blue. I am a social scientist from Lancaster University working at the DEMAND centre ( which studies the dynamics of energy, mobility and demand. I have recently begun a new project that is exploring opportunities for energy and mobility demand management in NHS hospitals.

I am working with Estates departments at Blackpool, Airedale, and Leeds Hospital Trusts to understand more about how hospitals as institutions make and shape patterns of work, the patterns of energy demand and travel that follow, and how these patterns might be changed.

The aims of the project are (1) to map the synchronisation and co-ordination of ordinary working arrangements in relation to patterns of demand for energy and travel within and beyond the hospital, and (2) to identify the scope for shifting the timing of those working arrangements as a means of steering demand for energy and travel and improving cost savings to the NHS, without compromising on services.

To further develop the range of case studies and potential impacts of this research I have also started a Working Group that includes a range of members working on sustainability and demand management in the NHS, in universities, and beyond.

I would be delighted to connect with members of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Network who might be interested in this research and talking more about the potential benefits of this approach, so please do get in touch. I hope to post updates to results, impacts, and updates from the project to this thread.

My email is and the url for the Institutional Rhythms website is

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