URGENT - GMC consultation on changes to GMP guidance - ends 20th July

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The GMC consultation on changes to Good Medical Practice guidelines closes on the 20th July. Please take the time to respond to this. Take part in the Good medical practice consultation - GMC (gmc-uk.org)

I was at a meeting about this with the GMC yesterday along with many  senior people from UKHACC, Greener NHS, RCPCH,  Greener practice etc. There was a clear consensus that we want a fifth domain on sustainability as this has the most potential to change behaviour through the annual appraisal process. However, I am not excessively optimistic about the outcome given that: 

1 - They had one representative there who I am not even sure is part of the decision-making panel and will 'feedback' our comments. We have no control over what is fed back or how and will have no further meetings with them.

2 - They shared samples of the feedback so far , which they said was about 50:50. The negative comments they showed demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding about sustainable care being in conflict with good clinical care.

3- That misconception is reinforced by the wording of the consultation document which, in the section about environmental sustainability (which is not even one of their major themes for the review)  talks about a 'tension' between the needs of the individual and the needs of the planet. We challenged this in the session (sustainable care is usually better, not worse) and raised how damaging this wording is. We also highlighted the fact that if so many doctors don't see this as part of their role, then perhaps it is because the GMC itself has failed to lead on this issue. 

4- Their starting point is appallingly low - a mention of global health tucked away in a paragraph about resource use.

It is vital that as many people as possible complete the consultation to swing the balance of opinion. Even if you have done so before, please do so again as it has changed. The section on environmental sustainability is towards the end.

Many thanks for your time on this.

This document contains excerpts from previous individuals and organizational responses  which you may find helpful.




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