Welcome to the Sustainable Commissioning Network!

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Thanks for joining this small, multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, commissioners and thought leaders.

We are developing a resource to help Commissioning teams to use sustainability thinking to identify what health services are needed and how to commission them.

Do you know of an innovative example of healthcare service that puts sustainability thinking into practice? Until Friday 29th July, we are looking for real examples of sustainable healthcare to show commissioners their potential to improve patients’ health and save money, as well as contribute to a healthier environment.

The sorts of examples we’re looking for are those that:

  • raise the environmental performance of services (including ways of accessing services) and/or their buildings and estate
  • streamline and integrate services to cut down on resource use and carbon emissions
  • involve patients and families in clinical decisions and in looking after their health
  • put telemedicine to effective use
  • promote wellness and prevent ill-health.

I'll post a template for these brief case studies on the resources tab now in case you want to use that.  Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some case studies of examples that we have found.

We will use these real examples to create a practical resource for that demonstrates how to commission more sustainable healthcare and the benefits.

We will test it in an online discussion between Monday 8th August and Friday 26th August 2011.

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