We're scaling up to carbon-neutral healthcare

Raluca Vestemeanu's picture

The recent huge interest in climate change has created an unprecedented demand for our charity to help people to take action. 

We are excited to have more and more nurses and doctors contacting us to ask how they can get involved to make a difference. We are doing our best to respond, but the truth is that our small charity - a team of 11 mainly part-time staff plus some great volunteers – simply cannot keep up.

So… we are looking at ways to scale up: applying for grants to improve our online resources and expand our programmes. But in the meantime, taking time to help individuals to get started actually means that we have less time to look for projects that can assure our income. 

We need financial support until we receive more long-term funding. We don’t usually do crowdfunding. But this upswing in energy for change is new, and we feel that we have a responsibility to support people who approach us for help – at least to get them started.

Please donate as much as you can or spread the word to a few people you’d like to share with! Thanks for reading.

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