Yale University: Sustainability in Health Care Symposium

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Yale School of Public health are hosting a FREE virtual event spanning 3 different days!

These sessions will help you gain insight into the current state of healthcare in terms of sustainability, and the global lessons that can be learnt from current systems in place.

Part 1 on 27/5/2021: Sustainability frameworks for the US healthcare delivery sector: This session explores the current frameworks in place to help US healthcare leaders ensure sustainability within healthcare.

Part 2 on 3/6/2021: Lessons from the Greener NHS Initiative: This session uses NHS as a case study and will analyse the challenges and opportunities faced on the road to net zero health care - it will give an overview of the various developments carried out by the NHS.

Part 3 on 10/6/2021: Lessons from the Nordic sustainable healthcare experience: This sessions draws content from Nordic hospitals, government and industry - the Nordic region has a long tradition of sustainability leadership within health care, so the webinar will review their path of progress to delivery of sustainable health care.

Here is the link to this insightful webinar! https://publichealth.yale.edu/climate/phes/sustainability-health-care-symposium/

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