Critical Care Susnet Sharing Hour 1 - notes and resource links

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The first Critical Care Susnet Sharing Hour was held yesterday as an opportunity to build a community of people interested in supporting each other to improve the environmental footprint of critical care practice. Here is a summary of discussion points and resources shared:


Discussion notes

Critical Care Susnet includes the network site and bimonthly sharing hours and is now endorsed by the Intensive Care Society and British Association of Critical Care Nurses

Sharing hours will be bimonthly – suggestion for mixture of day and evening times on different days

Format of Sharing Hours is flexible and suggestions included:

  • Project sharing for anyone doing or completed a sustainability project
  • Speakers on specific topics
  • Informal discussion and sharing of ideas

Sustainability projects that people have done / are working on for critical care:

  • Gowns – reusing
  • Gloves – appropriate use
  • Paracetamol – avoiding IV if possible
  • Waste – improving waste disposal and recycling

National initiatives in the United Kingdom:

Hospital level initiatives

  • Very helpful to find out if local hospital has a sustainabilty group/lead and also a strategic plan for improving the hospital's environmental footprint (e.g. Green Plan, Sustainable Development Management Plan or similar)
  • Example Green Plan from University Hospitals Sussex (NHS England)

Intensive Care Unit sustainability teams

  • Some intensive care units now have a sustainability team to help drive sustainability initiatives forward
  • Works well if this is a multi-disciplinary and links in with estates, waste management and procurement

Healthier Futures Action Fund - £3000-£15,000 (applications open 6 July-19 Aug 2022) – individual or teams but application must come from an NHS England organisation


SusQI (sustainability in quality improvement)

SusQI case study report template

Gloves aware resources from Royal College of Nursing

Great Ormond Street gloves project

Forbes McGain SHARE conference keynote talk

Principles of Sustainable Clinical Practice model from CSH

  1. Prevention
  2. Patient empowerment and self care
  3. Lean systems
  4. Low carbon alternatives

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare courses


Next Critical Care Susnet Sharing Hour – 13 Sept 2022 7:30pm-8:30pm

Theme – Education  


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