NHS campaign and SHARE conference

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Hello to everyone who has joined this new network for people in critical care interested in sustainability.  Please do share with others to spread the word.  Here's a few things to be aware of if you didn't know already:

The NHS has released the national For a Greener  campaign to aim to become carbon neutral.  They have put out a call for evidence under these themes and deadline of 22 March:

  • Case studies
  • Ideas
  • Research
  • Other


The SHARE conference (Sustainable Healthcare Academic Research and Enterprise) is held at the University of Brighton on 1 May 2020.  The full programme will be released soon.  There will be keynote speakers, oral presentations, posters and table displays.  Many of the presentations are generic and applicable to all areas of practice, but just to highlight there will be a presentation of a waste evaluation and staff survey that included theatres, recovery and an ICU.  Registration is now available:



The annual sustainability conference at the University of Brighton is videoed and past events have the oral presentation videos, PowerPoints, abstracts and posters freely available:


A few years ago, there was a Turning the ICU Green presentation form the ICU in Ashford Kent - you can watch this video and download the PowerPoint (presenter is Luke Strong) through the 2018 summary page:



Please do post questions, comments, share ideas - what are your top tips for greening up an ICU? 

Thanks, Heather


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