BBC news feature on single use plastic in dentistry

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Great publicity for sustainable dentistry on the BBC...

A professor from Sheffield uni is working alongside dentists-looking at ways to reduce single use plastic in practice and potential solutions including waste segregation.

The video highlights the shocking amount of single use plastic used for just one dental visit (an all too familiar scene)...which all ends up being incinerated.

There’s still a lot of confusion among dentists when it comes to single use Vs reusable items and what is actually acceptable practice under HTM01-05 guidance - hopefully the work being carried out will bring more awareness and make us rethink how we practice.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who is making the switch from single use to autoclaveable..... 


Here is a link to the whole video :)

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Thank you will be intresting

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Thank you will be intresting to share with the team


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