Feasibility study into resource management in the dental practice

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A paper published in the BDJ, exploring knowledge and attitudes to sustainability amongst the dental team offers an interesting read and insight into staff behaviour with regards to "reduce, reuse and recycle".

A qualitative study implemented in a mixed NHS/ private practice in Devon, identified opportunities and challenges in resource management. Starting with a practice scoping exercise the study team collected data on resources and their management and identified an interview sample. Subsequently staff were interviewed to explore attitudes to sustainability and knowledge on climate change.

The dental team expressed conflict in implementing effective resource management and reduction of waste with complying with infection control guidance. CQC ( Care Quality Commission's) inspection visits and adherence to HTM01-05 best practice, frequently manifested as pressing concern, often at the expense of utilising opportunities for effective resource management.

General confusion on correct segregation and management of waste, whilst concurrently complying with HTM01-5 highlights an opportunity for waste training within individual practices.
To alleviate anxiety and ambiguity experienced by the dental team, it is crucial guidance on how to correctly interpret infection control is reviewed. In the mean while the dental team should still be mindful of resource use and can easily adopt a "reduce" and "recycle" attitude when providing clinical care.

Further opportunities for resource management are explored in the full article, which can be accessed for free by BDA members.

Reference :
Grose J, Richardson J, Mills I, Moles D, Nasser M. Exploring attitudes and knowledge of climate change and sustainability in a dental practice: A feasibility study into resource management.Br Dent J. 2016 Feb 26;220(4):187-91.

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