Green transport for dentistry

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Trying to encourage staff at our small dental practice to use greener transport by allowing them to charge electric vehicles at work. We now have three members of staff using electric vehicles to travel to work.



Thats a great news!

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Would you be interested in sharing a few more details about your initiative, in this thread or via email?

E.g. what exactly did you have to install, how much did it cost you and how big was the effort?



£1,174.95 from Anderson EV

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£1,174.95 from Anderson EV ( for the charger and £350 to fit it from a local electrician. It took him a couple of hours and there was no disruption. He just had to run a cable through to the main supply


Thank you for the info, that is really helpful.

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I am currently collecting actions that dentists can take to become more sustainable. Really appreciate you sharing the specifics.

Have you implemented similar "green" initiatives in the past?

I'd love to reach out in a couple of weeks and see how your practice is adopting so that your example can motivate colleagues to follow suit. 

Would that be alright with you? 


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