How can Dentistry be Sustainable? An Exploratory Study

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“How can Dentistry be Sustainable? An Exploratory Study”  (YouTube Video of presentation of the study)

by Ian Mills (partner at Torrington Dental Practice) and Dr Jane Grose (Senior Research Fellow, Sustainability and Health, Plymouth University) 

Dental Practice Scoping Exercise
Qualitative interviews: Knowledge and attitudes toward climate change? Opportunities and limitations for sustainable practice?

Waste Audit: To measure the neature and quantity of dental clinical waste. To assess the feasibility of measuring the finanacial cost and carbon savings of dental clinical waste


  • Practice produces 1600kg of clinical waste per year
  • The most common items identified were: Tissues 33%, Gloves 26%, Sterile wrapping 11%
  • Waste disposal equates to 33.91kg of CO2 per year
  • Significant amount of waste disposed of 'inappropriately' including sterile wrapping which is recyclable (5kg per week)
  • Equivalent of 3.7kg CO2 per year and £633 pa
  • Equates to £2.32m and 13.7 metric tonnes of CO2 across England


Publication date: 

June, 2018

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  • educational materials
  • event recording
  • information resource

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