Nitrous Oxide and Entonox Manifold Waste Reduction: Free Lunch and Learn online seminar

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Do you prescribe nitrous oxide? It's a vital medicine for many specialties within health care. 

Registration is via the Eventbrite page here:

Having provided inhalation sedation to children in the community setting, and recently winning an award for my clinical audit looking at its provision for the under 7-year-olds at the Welsh Hospitals Dental Specialties Conference this year, I know that nitrous oxide is valuable for patient care.

N2O is 300x worse than carbon dioxide, is damaging the ozone layer, and there’s evidence to suggest its leakage is affecting staff in occupational settings. As part of my fellowship I’m trying to plug leaking holes in hospital N2O infrastructure (across all specialties). Part of my efforts include the session described below: a free session to start a dialogue. 

On behalf of my co-hosts Alifia Chakera and Chris Allen, you are cordially invited to the first seminar of the  free Nitrous Oxide Mitigation series, taking place over lunchtime on Friday 15th January: 13:00-14:00.

Nitrous oxide is an important medicine in many healthcare specialties, but it is also one of six major greenhouse gases named in the Kyoto Protocol. The climate crisis is a health crisis, and nitrous oxide is responsible for at least 75% of the carbon footprint attributed to anaesthetic gases on acute sites. [SDU 2016]

Alifia Chakera, NHS Lothian's Lead pharmacist for Theatres and Anaesthetics, has observed a significant gap between manifold cylinder numbers and true clinical usage. Alifia has offered to share her method to support national efforts to eliminate the impact of wasting this valuable medicine. 

Registration is via the Eventbrite page here:

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