Sustainability at the British Dental Industry Association Showcase

Darshini Ramasubbu's picture

Last week, Sara and I attended the BDIA showcase for two days to display a poster we had made alongside Dr Brett Duane, the CSH and HEE on Sustainability in Dentistry.

We surveyed over 700 dental team members about their thoughts on sustainability, forging connections and having great discussions about the role in which we can all play in reducing our carbon footprint. We had hoped to use this event as an opportunity to recruit some dental staff to work with us in making sustainable changes to their practices and we hope we have achieved our objective.

We were grateful to be hosted by the Chief Dental Officer, Sara Hurley, on her stand, and we heard many great speakers over the course of the event, including Brett's talk on Sustainability. It's great to see this topic being discussed and prioritied at such a large event. 

We hope to have a provisional update on the findings of our questionnaire soon and will keep you posted about the results!

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