Sustainability Series: World Dental Federation policy statement on sustainability

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March is the month where we are focusing on sustainable Dentistry as part of the CSH Sustainability Series and highlighting work that is being done to promote and support environmental sustainability in Dentistry.

The World Dental Federation (FDI) have developed a policy statement on sustainability, an encouraging and positive step towards sustainable Dentistry and putting it on the European and International agenda.

It emphasises that: “Dentistry must be practised ethically, with high levels of quality and safety, in the pursuit of optimal oral health (and) the right of future generations to a world with adequate natural resources must be respected”

The policy points advocate:

  • Prevention of disease and promotion of health
  • Dentists educating their dental team on sustainability practices
  • Reduction of energy, water, paper and environmentally harmful materials
  • Use of sustainable products, without compromising patient safety or care quality
  • The dental industry applying sustainable principles to product lifecycles
  • Dental manufacturers to develop more sustainable materials and technologies, including biodegradable and recyclable
  • Research on sustainability and environmental impact of dental practice so oral health professionals can understand, monitor and report on the impact of their actions
  • Promotion of use of low power and low pollution technologies
  • Dental organisations ensuring their activities/operations are based on sustainability principles and the development of best practice documents for their dentists
  • Integration of the concept of sustainable development into continuing education

The full policy can be found here:

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