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Interested in Sustainable dentistry and how to make your clinical practice more eco and patient friendly as well as make cost savings? "An Introduction to Sustainable Dentistry and Measuring Carbon in Healthcare" is part of a CPD - accredited e-learning module. Hosted by the e-Learning for Healthcare platform, it is free to access, along with many other useful educational modules. 

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Simply follow the direct link below. Alternatively, go to, log in and under 'E-den' select module 13 ' Sustainable Dentistry'.

For guidance on how to register for e-LFH, please download the attached 1-page guide.

Although the module uses the dental context, all healthcare professionals will find the module a useful introduction to climate change and a handy resource for implementing sustainability principles in their daily work. 

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CSH, Health Education England KSS

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March, 2016

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  • educational materials



Very helpful , thank you 

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Very helpful , thank you 

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