Welcome to Dental Susnet- Get Sustainable with us!!

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Welcome to Dental Susnet- Thanks for checking in! We believe 
this is the first Sustainability network within dentistry 
certainly in the UK but we would love to hear from other networks too!This network is for you- to share ideas and to try and find a way for all of us to make the practice of dentistry, whether it be preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry or 
dentistry for people with special needs as sustainable as it can be.I hope to post something sustainability related every few weeks- but hope you will post something too- This could be anything from an academic paper, a government report or even a list of bullet points of what you are trying to make your practice more sustainable.


To start this off- I will be posting a few things we (term used loosely to be a number of Scottish and English partners) have been doing. To see the Carbon footprint I led in Fife- the footprint that started this journey for me- click here. To see the work we did with Adam Pollard at the University of Exeter click here.  Another presentation we performed at the Kings Fund which explained it a bit more here (maybe in less complicated terms) but there is more planned...

Coming soon to Dental Susnet:
The work we did above was a couple of years ago - but we havent stopped. Public Health England asked the centre for Sustainable healthcare to look at some of the more frequently performed procedures within dentistry- and the report by the Centre is due shortly.We are also working with partners to develop the "five top tips for dental practices"- this will be posted here too.Public Health England recently met with the British Dental Association to discuss how we can support practitioners to become more sustainable- We hope to publish something in BDA news any month now- and we promise to put the link on here.Plus we are also working with the Sustainable Development Unit to focus a little more on dental providers when they update the 2010 Sustainability report. Exciting Stuff!

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