Welcoming CSH's new dental scholars

Makena Lohr's picture

Hello! I am Makena Lohr and just wanted to briefly introduce myself as one of CSH’s two new interns for Autumn 2017. Liora Michlin and I started at CSH earlier this week and are pleased to have had a very warm welcome to CSH. We will be at CSH for the coming months working on reviewing case studies in sustainable healthcare, as well as establishing a communications strategy.

On Wednesday 06.09.17 we were also joined by two new Sustainable Dental Scholars, Sara Harford and Darshini Ramasubbu, as part of the highly acclaimed Sustainable Scholars programme, jointly run by CSH and Health Education England. Sara and Darshini will be working with CSH for 12 months to work on projects in the field of sustainable dentistry with a view to implementing projects in their own dental practice and research. Sara is currently working in Somerset in a community dentistry practice and Darshini  practices dentistry in Dublin. 

In order to welcome Sara, Darshini, Liora and myself, the CSH team put on an induction programme in the basics of sustainable healthcare and provided some examples of their work. 

The induction training covered some historical background about why and how CSH was founded, as well as the ideas and theories behind sustainable healthcare. The healthcare specialities CSH focuses on, as well as the 4 key principles of sustainable healthcare were introduced. The induction also included how environmental impact can be measured, looking at carbon modelling and achieving quality care in a sustainable way. Finally we also heard about the potential of green environments to impact positively on healthcare through CSH’s green spaces work. 

Overall the day provided an excellent foundation into the work which the CSH has been doing. I am looking forward to working with everyone at CSH and to hearing about Sara and Darshini findings in sustainable dentistry. 


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