AMEE Symposium on Planetary Health and Education for Sustainable Healthcare

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Planetary Health and Education for Sustainable Healthcare (ESH) will be featured at a symposium at the virtual conference of AMEE the international association for medical education. This follows the publication earlier this year of the AMEE Consensus Statement, by a global collaboration of health professional educators and learners.

Symposium - Planetary health and education for sustainable healthcare: We’re going this way

Date:  Sunday 29th August
Time:  1600 - 1730 (UK time)


  • SanYuMay Tun, Imperial College London, UK (moderator)
  • Rhys Jones, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Teddie Potter, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Enrique Barros, World Organization of Family Doctors WONCA, Brazil
  • Karly Hampshire, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, USA
  • Hannah Chase, University of Oxford, UK

Summary: This international and transprofessional exploration of advances in Education for Sustainable Healthcare (ESH) comes at a time of increasing global recognition, including through the Glasgow COP26 agenda, that climate disruption and ecological breakdown harm health. The AMEE Consensus Statement on Planetary Health and ESH published in early 2021 laid out the groundwork for why, what and how health professionals education should integrate new learning so that practitioners are equipped to reduce the adverse health consequences of global environmental change, and change systems of healthcare delivery to minimise environmental degradation. After presentations from experts ranging from professors to students who are leading change in the teaching of Planetary Health - namely the understanding that human health depends on the health of the planet - delegates will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss their views. 

Who should participate: This symposium will interest any educator, clinician, administrator, student or patient who is concerned about the climate and ecological crisis and interested in how medical education around the world is equipping health professionals to address this crisis.

What will they gain from participating: An understanding of how health professions education is contributing to the rapidly evolving worldwide response to protect the health of all life, including our own and that of our patients.

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