Beyond COP: Conversations to Transform Healthcare

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The planetary crisis poses extreme challenges to the provision of healthcare. This attention must also be extended, with equal urgency and vision, to the training of the healthcare professionals inheriting these difficulties. To aid further discussion and empower healthcare students to envision brave new solutions, the CSH network for sustainable healthcare education is offering this free student-led 4-part online series; featuring a broad collective of experts and students, who come together in conversation to examine the relationship between climate injustice and healthcare.

We would love it if you would join us, starting this Wednesday (27th October) to kick off this series! 

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Beyond COP: Conversations to Transform Healthcare

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Looks great. I cant make the 1st one but will be going to the rest. I was talking to some Med students from Students for Global health  (UEA) last weekend and they were concerned aboutthe lack of coverage in the curriculum still. Looks like the uni may be offering an optional module which they ( correctly) felt was not really good enough as it will engage only those already concerned.  


Medical school curricula

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Check out this organisation Home | Mysite (, with free resources to 'infuse' teaching on climate crisis into all aspects of medical school curiculum.  A much better approach than one single (optional?) talk as it is at most medical schools at the moment.


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