Invitation to participate in a study exploring women’s experiences in sustainable healthcare education

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Women academics and students are invited to participate in a study exploring women’s experiences in developing and advocating for sustainable healthcare education in health professions curricula (Monash University Ethics Project ID: 30093). We are seeking to understand women’s motivations and any challenges in sustainable healthcare education leadership and how gender might shape these experiences.

Participation in our study involves an approx. one-hour audio recorded interview conducted via Zoom. There is also the possibility of being invited to a follow-up interview and/or survey on the same theme in future. A $20 AUD valued incentive will be offered in recognition of participation. Participation is strictly voluntary and all data will be de-identified for the purposes of publication.

If you would like to know more or are interested in participating please see the Explanatory Statement attached and/or contact the research team: Chief Investigator, Dr. Susie Ho (email:, Co-Investigator Dr. Margaret Simmons (email: and PhD student researcher, Jessica Abbonizio (email:

Thank you so much for your consideration and for the wonderful work that you are doing in sustainability and healthcare!

Kind regards,

Jess (PhD student)

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