inVIVO2021 Planetary Health Conference - Abstract Submissions Open!

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Hi all, 

Please see this exciting opportunity to submit your original research to a global planetary health conference! 


10th annual conference of inVIVO Planetary Health! Because of ongoing travel restrictions and other uncertainties in many regions, this will now be FULLY VIRTUAL and will run from December 1-7, similar to last year. 

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As always, we are aiming for a stimulating, diverse and dynamic program, filled with your suggestions and ideas. We invite your submissions on broad range of topics, including (but not limited to): 

  • The Health of Environments on all scales: including natural and built environments, any and all dimensions of the ‘total exposome’ and interventions to improve these, including approaches to ‘rewilding’.
  • Lifestyle health and Personal Ecology: including nutrition, activity, sleep, mindfulness, meditation, and other behaviors (and/or interventions) that influence personal ecology and wellness
  • The Health of Societies and Systems: including the wider social, cultural and economic determinants of health, epidemiology, anthropology, and public health. 
  • Community and local initiatives: grassroots efforts for change, case studies, stories that may inform and inspire others.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic: including the broad-ranging consequences of the pandemic on any system and on any scale. Preliminary data and proposals are welcome.
  • Microbial Ecology: Including microbiome ecosystems in humans, animals, diverse environmental systems, impact of human activity, antibiotics, and possible restorative interventions.
  • Developmental Origins: including work that specifically focus on developmental approaches, early interventions, life course trajectories and transgenerational perspectives 
  • Value Systems and Ideologies: including pathways, programs, philosophies, enablers, perspectives, mindsets and/or actions that promote personal, community, and/or planetary health
  • Tools and Platforms: including technology platforms, novel tools, statistics or models to facilitate research and/or health initiatives in any sector. 
  • Creative work: if you would like to share or display something you have created to inspire the group please do!

Please contact if you need assistance.

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