Public Health Leadership for Sustainability

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 13:00 - 17:00

The Public Health Specialty Training Curriculum (2015) reflects the central importance of sustainable development to health and the role of public health professionals in driving change, requiring trainees to “demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability with a focus on the links to health and climate change”. This interactive 8-hour course helps public health professionals to develop leadership skills for environmental sustainability within and outside the health and care sector.  Drawing on real-life examples, the course explores how to incorporate environmental sustainability into public health programmes and hone advocacy, partnership working and strategy development skills.

Part I.  Self-study online

All course content is presented in our interactive online module.  You will need about 4-6 hours to go through this round-up of theory and practice.  The discussion forum allows you to meet fellow participants and get to know each other's areas of interest and work.  At the end of the module, you are invited to sketch out a plan of work that you might want to undertake, in preparation for the workshop discussions.  All online content will be available to you after the workshop for an additional two weeks. 

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify the relationship of sustainability principles to population health
  2. Describe the health impacts of climate change mitigation and adaptation and the principles of sustainable development
  3. Recognise what is distinctive about leadership in sustainability
  4. Appraise service developments for their impacts on the triple bottom line 

Part II.  Live workshop online

The 4 hour workshop consolidates your understanding of the course materials. Small group discussions with CSH experts and colleagues allow further exploration of topics that interest you and tips on how to translate your ideas into action.   The timetable includes pre-session technical assistance and networking, followed by a review of the self-study material review with Q&A.  In breakout groups you will then share your ideas for a sustainability intervention in your setting and make plans to address it, using the range of resources, tools and methods developed by CSH and partners.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify one’s values, drivers and spheres of influence
  2. Demonstrate presentation, communication and listening skills for different social and cultural perspectives
  3. Incorporate environmental sustainability into a health-related proposal or piece of work
  4. Identify influencing and negotiating skills in a setting where you do not have direct authority to advocate for action

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