Student Selected Component in Social Accountability - Climate change and health care teaching in a secondary school

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3rd year medical students at Sheffield University have a  student self selected placement in social accountability, which focusses on the social determinants of health. I wrote a proposal for students to spend their placement in a local secondary school, teaching about the relationship between climate change and health, and developing carbon reduction strategies for the school, led by the teenagers and facilitated by the medical students. This has now been running since 2018 and has prompted the school to apply for eco school status. The project has been very well received by students who found it a very useful learning experience, deepening their understanding of the health effects of climate change through teaching it to others. It has also been empowering for both medical students and secondary school students and staff, as they have seen positive change and engagement take place. We hope to roll out the project to involve a local junior school shortly. 

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June, 2018

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