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On October 6, 2021, Planetary Health Alliance, University of São Paulo, and United Nations Development Programme launched the São Paulo Declaration on Planetary Health. This document is...

"a multi-stakeholder call to action co-created by the global planetary health community. It outlines the actions necessary for us to achieve the Great Transition, a just transformation to a world that optimizes the health & well-being of all people and the planet"

"the first time the planetary health community came together as one voice to state what actions are necessary to achieve the Great Transition"

Hundreds of individuals and organizations have shown their support by signing the declaration. Some of the signatories include: 

  • London School of Hygiene - Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health
  • Imperial College London - Institute of Global Health Innovation and Grantham Institute
  • Royal Holloway University of London - School of Life Sciences and the Environment
  • Royal College of General Practitioners

Please consider showing your support by reading and signing the declaration!

Find the declaration here:

Sign the declaration:




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