Sustainability in Quality Improvement: 2 days left to sign up

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This is an intensive course to introduce health professionals and educators to the concept of ‘sustainable value’ and the ‘SusQI’ framework.

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Sustainability is one of the domains of quality in healthcare. Building it into quality improvement (QI) is a practical way to create incremental change towards a more ethical, sustainable health system.

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has developed a "SusQI" framework for the inclusion of sustainability in Quality Improvement and we are now working to support its widespread adoption into QI education and practice. Learning from real examples, participants explore in depth how the framework can be applied in practice to develop preventative, holistic, lean, low carbon care.

The course includes 3 parts:

  • 4-hours of multi-media self-study
  • 4-hour interactive online workshop
  • Follow-up interactive masterclass to discuss projects-in-progress.  

Learning Objectives

By the end of this preparation module you will be able to understand the steps for integrating sustainability into quality improvement:

  1. Defining a problem and setting sustainability goals
  2. Studying the system and assessing resource use locally
  3. Using the principles of sustainable clinical practice
  4. Measuring ‘sustainable value’ using a multi-dimensional approach of considering environmental, social, financial and patient outcomes at the micro and population-level

By the end of the workshop you should feel equipped to get started on putting SusQI into action in your workplace. 

To learn more about the course, click here.

Royal College of Physicians has approved this training course for 5 CPD credits.

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