Tackling waste from clinical skills training

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We're looking at tackling the waste generated through clinical skills training /simulation sessions for our students at BSMS. We're interested in hearing from other schools / departments where this has been looked at - and learning from your experiences in this. Particularly interested in finding out about other peoples learning from what can be re-used whilst maintaining the educational quality of the training. 



Hi I am looking at the same

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Hi I am looking at the same thing we have recycle bins  and I get students to separate all paper and plastic and our technicians are very good and at cleaning  and reusing a lot of the  equipment they resue O2masks, giving sets ect but I have not got any further and feel there is still a lot to do 

I am just starting my MSc which will calculate the student's carbon footprint of the resources they use in clinical skills and then explore their reflections on this in relation to resource use in simulation.


Clinical skills waste

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A few things, Anna. We use a lot of expired equipment such as gloves and kits from the local hospitals and where possible, we get students to repackage things, like urinary cathetars which they can use for practice. Those who volunteer are awarded Green Points for volunteering. For their MD, then need to collect 5 points for Volunteering which = 20h of work. They can do this anywhere such as working in the bush weeding and planting, a local wildlife sanctuary, etc. 


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