"Covid Crisis"....aka......Climate Change and General/Eye Healthcare!

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We all want to "restart" elective care as soon as is safely possible in this Covid Crisis, and in some areas post-Covid era...... and restarting cataract surgery to reverse and prevent blindness has got to be amongst the top global priorities.... along with minimising disability from non-preventable conditions across the world..... particularly given the dramatic loss of quality of life, independence and productivity..... not to mention the frequent major implications for permanent intensive support requirements from family, friends and carers......

"Every cloud has a silver lining".....despite the global human tragedy from the Covid "storm cloud" there are silver linings if we choose to learn from these lessons.... and the biggest area is perhaps the increase in homo sapiens awareness of the need for developing mitigation (reduction in harm) and resilience strategies to both Covid and Climate Change.....

The latest RCOphth interim guidance even goes so far as to say dont go back to business as usual, as there are many clinical pathway redesign opportunities eg tele-ophthalmology, that not only reduce exposure to Covid-19 virus but which exemplify a much greater longer term reduction in  environmental and carbon footprint risk accelerating Climate Change and resource depletion

Think Covid-Think Climate Change!


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