Sustainability Diary March

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Hi Sustainability Friends!!!

Before I start I just want to wish everyone good health; these are testing times for all our healths and health systems. #staysafe#letsbeatcoronavirus.

The Eyeffiency Project Tool is ready for lift off! Following a successful launch meeting to introduce my pet project to all consultants, trainees and staff in Wales, it was time to make a start and recruit enthusiastic members to embark on this journey with me!

A global email to all trainees were sent with a handful of passionate replies. I have managed to recruit 10 trainees working in 5 units in Wales (Royal Gwent Hospital, University Hospital of Wales, Princess of Wales Hospital, Royal Glamorgan Hospital and Glangwili General Hospital).

This was a good turnout and much more than I expected! Thank you so much!!! These new passionate recruits were divided into groups of 2 (if possible) where they were tasked to collect 30 cataract surgeries pathways (Time in Motion Study) over a 2 month period. Sustainability assessment of each unit was compiled recording, energy, procurement and travel.

Suddenly after a great start we hit our first roadblock; as my team trialed  the app, we bumped into problems with selection problems within the app, uploading issues and screen turning off. These issues persisted throughout. However, fortunately our excellent IT Guru (Thomas) managed to help make alterations and submit fixes to improve the app for future studies. Danger had been avoided! Phew!

My team had worked tirelessly to obtain promising results; so much so that our sustainability project has been selected as one of the nationwide finalist in BMJ Awards 2020!!! Well Done Everyone!!!


Welsh sustainability scholar

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