Welcome to The GreenED Network

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Thankyou for joining the GreenED Network! 

We hope this will be a useful space to find other people who are working on the environmental sustainability of emergency care, to share our successess and to collaborate on projects. 

The link below is a short video on our vision of an environmentally sustainable emergency care. 


Currently the Evironemental specialist interest group at RCEM is working on a few projects

  • GreenED is our initiative to create, test and disseminate a framework of operational standards for sustainable emergency medicine,  in order to assess and reduce the environmental impact of emergency departments (EDs) throughout the UK. It will contain immediate, medium- and long-term actions ED staff can take to integrate sustainability into departmental practices, and track progress. The first GreenED pilot project is currently underway at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and we are aiming to start two other pilot sites in the near future
  • Nitrous Reduction Working Group we are leading a group of professionals from across emergency and prehospital care looking at ways to improve and expand people's knowledge of the climate impacts of nitrous oxide with the aim of reducing the use of nitrous oxide in the long run. 

It would be great to hear what you think about these ideas and to find out more about any environmental projects that are going on around the country. 


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