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Dear UK friends

For some years, the Barwon Health Renal Service in Geelong has 'gone it alone' in promoting dialysis (and renal) sustainability in ANZ. It is thus with the utmost pleasure that I can finally tell you that we have achieved national buy-in. The Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology, The Renal Society of Australasia, and Kidney Health Australia have agreed to triple-badged a formalised subcommitttee of the ANZSN - the Green Nephrology Action Team [GNAT] : a vector for change - to advance sustainability in nephrology and dialysis. 

The previous Barwon Health Green Dialysis website has been updated, its reference base increased, and its reach widened, to present a fresh national approach to eco-nephrology.

The Sustainable Healthcare Network in the UK - and especially Frances Mortimer and the Green Nephrology team in Oxford - have been our lamp on the hill. I am eternally grateful that we have been able to hitch a ride on your wagon and to create a refreshed site. The IT students at Melbourne's Swinburne University will be giving my old website a fresh and modern look over the next couple of months ... so keep checking back to watch it change.

Please visit us. The website remains .... 

We would welcome your involvement once our live blog function goes live!

Please note the Prizes section ... and consider submitting in 2019. 

Prof. John Agar

Renal Services: University Hospital Geelong

Barwon Health.



Very postive/promising to

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Very postive/promising to read..  Progress..  


Congratulations ANZ!

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Huge congratulations, John. Very exciting news - and I love your "GNAT: vector for change" naming!

Here in the UK, the Green Nephrology network has been rather quiescent and I suspect that it is we who need to do some catching up with you... But we are again exploring ways to get some resource for this, and your example will spur us on.

I will keep checking the Green Dialysis website, it is a great asset.


Dr. Frances Mortimer, Medical Director, CSH


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